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  1. on another trip to Japan, with my daughter, the artist Pheobe riley Law, in , Pheobe created a series of works, ‘tourist’, reflecting on that sense of being a visitor in a country for the first time whilst also being there for a creative purpose. her expression of that duality speaks more successfully about these recordings from my.
  2. Fran Rubel Kuzui’s Tokyo Pop works best as a delightfully kitsch piece of ’80s nostalgia, made while Tokyo was in its economic ascendancy, with a charming story about a visiting American singer who strikes up a love affair with a local musician. Shadowed by the era’s excess, the emergence of globalisation and the erosion of local culture, Tokyo Pop is a homage to the enjoyably seedier.
  3. Top Five Best Places to Visit in Japan. For traveling to Japan for the first time, you’ll definitely want to hit up some places to visit in Tokyo as it’s the most popular city to visit but don’t rule out lesser-known places to get a better feel of Japan’s culture. These five places to visit in Japan will give you a full taste of Japan.
  4. On our first trip to Japan, we instantly fell in love. Japan quickly climbed the ranks as one of. To ease your mind about travelling to Japan for the first time, this guide includes what to expect on your first trip to Japan regarding transportation, accommodations, food, onsen, and a whole lot more. Japan travel tips based on personal experience!
  5. Aug 06,  · So lucky to be joining the great Australian Videographer/Filmmaker Jason Tran's project as a Japanese voice!! He is famous for his beautiful cinematic travel films, be sure to check out his.
  6. Jan 10,  · This is a documentary video about my fishing trip to Japan. It was truly an unforgettable experience. Fishing is very fun. The food is very good and people is very .
  7. Apr 29,  · Hey friends! Here are the first three days of my trip to Japan:) Music: Aaron Smith - Dancin (KRONO Remix) Florence And The Machine - Cosmic Love (Seven Lio.
  8. In preparation for my trip to Japan, I was wondering if there are any documentaries out there on Japan or Japanese culture, any that you have seen or hit upon a particular Japanese subject that you would reccomend, or even a film that isn't a documentary but gives an honest impression of Japan or Japanese culture.
  9. From handmade Japanese paper called “washi,” to the centuries –old art of “bunraku puppetry,” to the thrill of watching some of Japan’s finest athletes compete in the sumo rings of Tokyo or Osaka, Japan offers the unique promise of experiencing the past, but with one eye always looking toward the future.

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