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  1. Jan 11,  · Raga Bhimpalasi is a late afternoon raga belonging to Kafi Thaat. It has the penetrating power to infect the human mind and control it for days and weeks on end. It is a soothing raga, bringing peace and comfort to the listener.
  2. Dec 30,  · Bhimpalasi is an afternoon raga, said to evoke sringara [attraction, romantic love]. It uses the notes of Kafi thaat, with an aroha [ascent] of nSgmPnS and an avroh [descent] of SnDPmgRS. Characteristically, Dha and Re only appear in the descending line, and tend to be approached from the notes immediately above. Ma is the vadi [king note].
  3. Ābhēri/ Bhimpalasi: Vaarai Nee Vaarai [TH - A Raga's Journey 2] Manthiri Kumari: G. Ramanathan: Tiruchi Loganathan & Jikki: Ābhēri/ Bhimpalasi: Vaarayo Vennilave [TH - A Raga's Journey 2] Missiamma: Saluri Rajeswara Rao: A. M. Rajah & P. Leela: Ābhēri/ Bhimpalasi: Yeh Zindagi Usiki Hai [TH - A Raga's Journey 2] Anarkali: C. Ramchandra.
  4. Bhimpalasi is a popular late afternoon raga from northern India. On this page you can learn how to play Bhimpalasi on bansuri or the instrument of your choice. Lessons taught by Dr. Kerry Kriger, who learned Bhimpalasi from pandit Vijay Raghav Rao.
  5. Rag - Bhimpalasi Tal - Kaherava Music Director(s) - M. Ashraf Singer(s) - Mala Comments - This is from an old Pakistani film. It is truly a good example of Bhimpalasi Links - Video Link - Go To Video. Comments - The main melody is really a fairly decent example of Bhimpalasi. However, some of the interludes stray a bit.
  6. The raag has komal Ga. It is an Audava-Sampoorna raga, implying that it has 5 notes in Arohana and 7 in Avarohana. Raag Patdeep is formed when pure N is taken instead of komal n in Raag Bhimpalasi.
  7. Sep 11,  · Few ragas lend themselves as easily to an expression of elegance as Bhimpalasi. Some of the most evocative compositions of shringar-rasa of Hindustani music are in this raga.
  8. Debashish Bhattacharya's imaginative renderings and innovative extensions of playing technique and instrument design reveal the kind of provocative re-thinking that has always been at the vanguard of Indian classical music. Raga Bhimpalasi is played in the afternoon, evoking a contemplative sense of peace and the majestic grandeur of creation.5/5(8).
  9. Raag Bhimpalasi is poignant and filled with longing. It is traditionally performed during the late afternoon hours, upto sunset. This raga belongs to the Kafi thaat. Its vadi(most important note) is ma, and samvadi(second most important note) is Sa.

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